Hand Analysis

What is Hand Analysis?

Hand analysis is a combination of ancient tradition of palmistry and recent scientific discoveries in medical genetics, human psychology and philosophy. Using the lines, hand shape, fingers, finger prints to identify a person´s motivations, behaviors and focus in life. Through a hand analysis you can easily and accurately get to the bottom line of the individuals psychological patterns and deepest desires. Hand analysis addresses what is going on in the unconscious mind and are a visible map of the brain and the activity in the autonomic nerve system.

Even way back in human history the hand development, function and purpose has been studied and debated. The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Pline, discussed the cause-effect relationship between hand development and human intellect. Aristotle put it this way: "The Hand is the organ of the body". In the same way described the Scottish anatomist, neurologist and philosophical theologian Sir Charles Bell, his hand in his book, "The hand: its mechanism and vital endowments as evincing design" (1837) include "The Hand is Essentially the Organ of the Mind”.

From the early 1900's, the relationship between structure and human hands psychological and physiological development has been systematically explored and studied scientifically. Some of the most famous in this area is the American psychologist William Benham, who published the book, "The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading" in the early 1900s and the German physician and psychoanalyst Charlotte Wolff, who studied the hands of people with various mental disorders. Through the last 40 years a number of different approaches in hand analysis and behavioral science have developed. It is a great honor to be able to offer a combination of the best and most researched system in the world today.


Your fingerprints - the unique you

Our fingerprint ridge patterns are permanent formations and remain constant and unchanging throughout life (which is why they are so useful to law enforcement). Each fingerprint represent various characteristics of our personality. The fingerprints are unique to each individual and are formed and created around the fourth month of pregnancy. There are four main types of fingerprint formations (with variations) in which all represent different personality traits depending on which finger they are located on. Patterns found in the fingertips reflects our authentic innate talents, abilities and individual characteristics. They represent our highest potential and rescourses. However, they do not indicate whether we have developed our potential or not. It is a representation of what we all innates from our birth. A hand analysis is an exciting journey of discovery of your true self, what you came here to explore, develope and evolve. A discovery of your individual life purpose and an awakening of your consciousness and a realisation of the resources that are just waiting to be activated.