Hand Analysis - Consultation

Hand Analysis is a unique tool for better self-understanding; awakening of your consciousness regards your innate potential and offering insights in your mental and emotional patterns. A hand analysis can open up for a greater understanding of who you are at a deeper level, allowing you to manage your life challenges in the best possible way and leverage your innate resources. It can also help you to bring more clarity and focus and help you make correct choices. Knowing who you are on a deeper level is the first step on the path to success and happiness in life.

Your hands reveals what´s hiding in your unconscious mind and is a direct reflection of your brain and psychological constitution. The information we receive from the hands reveal your physical and emotional well-being as well as what prevents you from living your purpose. In this approach your hands will be studied and analysed in a multi-dimensional perspective; physiological, psychological and spiritual. This method is not about future predictions, but about self-development and awareness on a deeper level.