Åshild Kristin Tilrem

Hand Analyst/PDC practitionar & instructor

My genuine curiosity for the human psyche and the mysteries of life has led me to several teachers around the world in the search for answers and effective methods that can help individuals to better health, self-understanding and quality of life. After several years of study in the field of health, psychology, spirituality and self-growth, I discovered the unique tool hand analysis. My own experience with hand analysis opened up some new doors in my life and gave me a deeper understanding of myself and my life's challenges. Then the eternal journey began in the search for a deeper understanding and more knowledge in the field. I soon realized that there were several different approaches to the mystery of human hands. 

The researcher in me led me to different parts of the world where I have studied with the greatest experts in the field. Today I collaborate closely with several pioneers in the area and are proud to represent their systems. Using hand analysis to help individuals to learn about themselves at their fingertips, understand ther past and promote their innate potential is truly a great gift. My speciality is helping people with depression, burnout, stress syndromes and psychological imbalances to take their first step in their healing process. I offer consultations and courses both in my native language norwegian and in english.