Hand Analysis & Spiritual coaching




-Discover your Life Purpose and your unique potential

-Be inspired, gain more clarity and get new insights

-Get rid of stagnation, frustration and depression

-Be free from limitations and live a life in freedom

-Join me on this exciting journey in our inner landscape

Discover the secrets behind your fingerprints 

Similar to our DNA serves as a map of our genetic material, it has long been known that our hands also contains structures and fingerprints that can be read and interpreted with astonishing accuracy. Hand Analysis is neither about divination or future prophecies, but rather years of research where the handshape, fingerprints, lines, skin texture and color have been studied, interpreted in relation to human behavior and character traits. A hand analysis can provide answers to essential questions such as:

  • Who you are on a deeper psychological level
  • What patterns that rule your behavior
  • What is your greatest potential and life purpose
  • What type of job that will suit you
  • What type of partner you are most compatible with
  • Health, diet, allergies, etc ...
  • How to utilize this knowledge about yourself to achieve success in life and create the foundation for good health, healthy relationships and a meaningful life.


Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC)

Our childhood experiences, emotional trauma and attachment to parents is often repressed and forgotten by the conscious mind, but still lives in the unconscious and creates stress and maladaptive behavior patterns in our system. We strives to create external explanations to our problems and removes us more and more from our real essence. This creates frustration, dysfunctional relationships and reduced physical and mental health. PDC aims to identify psychological imbalances based on our hands morphological development, and give you a deeper insight and understanding of your life challenges. PDC is the first and only system in modern hand analysis that has been laboratory tested and studied and evaluated by academics in the behavioral sciences. Les mer...